Omega Filler

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Volumetric, semi-automatic, suitable for liquid, foamy and semi-dense products.

Filler for table equipped with one dosing syringe (Mod. OMEGA 1) or two dosing syringes (Mod. OMEGA 2) of different sizes adjustable through graduated scale as follows:

from 5 to 80 cc. – from 5 to 200 cc. – from 10 to 300 cc. – from 20 to 500 cc. – from 50 to 1000 cc.

A counter can be installed for dosages exceeding 1000 cc. up to a maximum of 5000 cc.

Alternate dosages with foot pedal and switch for automatic continuous dosages.

Other equipment can be assembled on the dosing syringes:

  • valves for filtered or clear liquids (Photos 1 and 2)
  • valves for products with pulp and fibers (Photo 3)
  • sanitary valves for particular products like diary products
    (Photo 4).

Stainless steel frame and parts in contact with product, teflon seals.

Use of other materials in contact with products that are incompatible with stainless steel (Photo 5).

Pneumatic or electric working.

Production rate from 300 to 1500 pieces / hour depending on the characteristics of products and containers.

Dimensions and weight:
OMEGA 1 : cm. 62x60x80 – Kg. 49
OMEGA 2 : cm. 72x60x80 – Kg. 63
which can be changed depending on machine customization.

The filler can be assembled on automatic star monoblocks or linear filling and capping monoblocks to be assembled in automatic lines with loading table and labeller with collecting table, detailed in the “OmegaMatic Automatic Lines with dosing syringes for liquid and semi-dense products” section.

Small filling, capping and labelling lines can be assembled as shown in the photo next page.

Automatic and linear version of the filling machine: Mod. OmegaMatic as shown in the photo of next page.

Alternatively ELECTRONIC version:

Semiautomatic ( Photo 7 ) : details in ” Debi – Mass Electronic Fillers” section.

Automatic: details in “Debimatic – Massmatic Electronic Fillers” section.

Filler with one or two dosing syringes, electric working.

Filler with one or two dosing syringes, pneumatic working.

Filler with valves for pulp and fiber products.

Filler with sanitary valves for particular products like milk or drinkable yogurt (details on Omega Dairy products page).

Filler with plastic or glass contact parts for products that are not compatible with stainless steel.

Example of a filler direct connection to a storage or mixing tank, any volume, for direct product suction.

As alternative solution to the volumetric filler: Debi or Mass electronic fillers with flowmeters.