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Longoni started business as a sole proprietorship, artisan, company in 1964. Benefiting from considerable experience already matured, the company began designing and constructing machines for bottling and packaging products such as wine, oil, syrups, fruit juices, liqueurs, vinegar, mineral water and perfume. Machines included fillers, cappers, labellers, storage tanks, mixing tanks, agitators, bottle washers, rinsers and filter presses for food, wine and perfume industries, particularly small and medium-sized companies operating in Italy and abroad.

Firmly committed to constantly improving, with the arrival of new professional figures, the company was transformed into a private corporation. In the following years, the company specialised in developing and constructing semi-automatic and automatic machines, and complete production lines able to perform all filling, capping and labelling operations. Apart from food and cosmetics, these plants were particularly suited to the chemical, pharmaceutical and detergent industries, and able to satisfy the production demands of large distribution companies.

Subsequently, in response to market demands, the company shifted its focus from constructing electrically and pneumatically-powered machines to the integration of electronic components. Mass and electromagnetic flow meters connected to touch-screen displays running custom software programs were used to operate fillers and dispensers produced in-house, rather than the volumetric dosing syringes, so simplifying operational control and reducing production lead times.

The company has set itself the goal of providing fast solutions in response to market trends, meeting each new challenge with the same determination and with a full understanding of the customer needs.

The characteristics typical of mechanical craftsmen are flexibility and skill in engineering technical transformations.

With many decades of experience at its back, Longoni is able to supply solutions to satisfy any production demand having a wide range of offers, also customisable, from simple manual and semi-automatic machines to fully automated bottling and packaging lines.

Longoni places great importance on quality when it comes to machine construction. For this reason it uses stainless steel, a material able to guarantee both strength and hygiene when it comes into contact with a diversity of products, while for particular products other materials are used.

The gaskets and pipes used are suitable for all types of product, while the electrical, electronic and pneumatic components are from leading manufacturers, so as to reduce to a minimum, or even eliminate altogether, the need for maintenance interventions.

Every machine and bottling/packaging line is designed and built observing fully European standards, taking into account hourly production rates and the characteristics of products, recipients, caps and labels, so as to provide you with appropriate solutions for improving your work


Our machine range is composed of:

-fillers, dosers and dispensers for liquid, creamy, gel, powdery and granulated products

-volumetric, weight and vacuum fillers

-cappers screw, pressure or crimping for plastic caps, twist-off metal caps, metal/plastic pump sprayers, plastic/metal lids, corks and
crown caps

-thermosealers for cut-out discs or on a bobbin, induction sealers for caps with incorporated discs, capsule heat shrinking

-labellers for self-adhesive labels applied to different containers on front side, wraparound, or on front and back sides

-bottling lines composed of filler-dispensers and in-line or rotary cappers or a monoblock mounted with labellers, loading table and collecting table.

-storage tanks, hot and cold mixer tanks, agitators, drum rotators

-pumps and filter presses for any product

-washers and rinsers using air or water for bottles, jars and plastic cans.


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-filter press and rinsers


-bottling machines

-dosers and dispensers

-food industry machines and equipment

-chemical industry machines and equipment

-cosmetics industry machines and equipment

-washing powder and detergent industry machines and equipment

-wine industry machines and equipment

-pharmaceutical industry machines and equipment

-perfume industry machines and equipment

-preserving fillers

-labellers and printers